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This Tiny 3D-Printed Cabin Makes a Big Statement About Sustainability (

HANNAH utilizes salvaged materials, 3D printing, and robotic technology to create an otherworldly cabin in upstate New York.

Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic combined 3D printing, robotic fabrication technology, and wood infested with emerald ash borer beetles to create an off-grid tiny home named the Ashen Cabin. The pair are assistant professors of architecture at Cornell University, and coprincipals of the New York–based design firm HANNAH.

“The cabin is a combination of our design research and thinking in response to the urgent condition of our natural environment and possible modes of intervention,” Lok says. “It demonstrates our potentially replicable use of relatively new technologies that allow us to advance both formal and technological innovation in the discipline of architecture.” 

Emerald ash borer beetles are an invasive species thought to have been introduced to American forests via human trade and travel in the summer of 2002—and they currently threaten 8.7 billion trees across the country and almost one in 10 ash trees in New York state. Once the trees have been infested, they typically decompose or are burned for energy. (Read more)

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