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Advancing circularity amidst the pandemic (Greenbiz)

As global communities grapple with the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at 3M remain focused on uncovering and implementing science-based solutions to promote public health and maximize positive impact. We’re applying our innovative technologies and collaborating with partners to confront COVID-19 with the same attention and energy we use to advance sustainability efforts and battle the shared challenges of our global community.

Today, we are more committed than ever to our sustainability goals and driving continued progress. A key focus of 3M’s Strategic Sustainability Framework is Science for Circular, which aims at designing solutions that do more with less material to advance a circular economy. We are prioritizing efforts that minimize our raw material usage and waste profile despite shifting supply chains and changing business operations to support responses to COVID-19.

Many talented teams at 3M continue to bring forward solutions that use circular strategies. From newfound efficiencies and waste reduction in manufacturing to innovative use of excess materials in personal protective equipment (PPE) and increased corporate investments in public recycling infrastructure, we’ve continued to advance circularity. (Read more)

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