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Advancing Sustainability in Advanced Manufacturing (

One issue that will truly advance advanced manufacturing – especially additive manufacturing (AM) – is sustainability.AM processes are uniquely poised among manufacturing techniques for innovative steps forward in “greener” opportunities.Importantly, there are ways to do so without greenwashing.

The most-touted benefits of 3D printing for sustainability are relatively simple: additive—in contrast to subtractive—manufacturing adds material rather than removing.With improvements in terms of near-net capabilities to reduce the post-processing requirements necessary to reach final geometries, AM is indeed uniquely poised on many fronts to offer an environmentally superior means of volume production.

Low-hanging fruit like reducing material waste is an obvious win in the argument for implementing AM. However, this is by no means universally understood, accepted or even complete in the scope of end-to-end environmental impact.

AM engineers are increasingly asking a more pointed question when it comes to sustainability: How exactly can polymer, metal and other AM processes move the needle? (Read more)